Monday, July 24, 2017

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Free Solar Panels for Homes in London, England, Scotland and Wales


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EnergyLink has launched their first free solar website today. The new Free Solar website will offer free solar panels to homes in England, Scotland and Wales. A new website has been launched to help homeowners across Britain generate their own solar energy for free without the overheads of installing expensive equipment. While many UK residents are keen to reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable energy, the cost of putting solar panels on their property – which can be as much as £15,000 for a full system – may have deterred them in the past.

However, with the launch of, they now have the opportunity to receive a free solar panel system, allowing them to access free electricity while saving the environment. The new site, which has been set up by EnergyLink, offers not only information on how a free solar power system can dramatically reduce energy bills and a household’s environmental impact, but will also allow customers to apply online for their own Free Solar system. Initially the site will allow users in England, Scotland and Wales to capitalise on free solar power, with the digital firm set to expand its coverage to Northern Ireland later in the year. The Government-led FIT Scheme means that businesses which install solar panels on homes are paid for all the electricity they generate, at a rate of 43.3p per kilowatt hour.
Companies receive this payment regardless of whether or not the electricity is used, allowing residents with panels on their roof to use all of the electricity generated for free.


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